Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Version 66.0.3 (Quantum) Free

An open source browser that supports tens of thousands of plugins

Once upon a time there was a popular fox that was installed on PCs of users who saw themselves as computer geeks despite of its size and shortcomings, and the fox was content. There came along Google, created a faster browser by the name of Chrome and promised to wage war on their common enemy by the name of Internet Explorer. The fox grew dormant and failed to notice that its market was being stolen, until it was too late.
Firefox today, is a fast, simple, and recommended for download browser
Regardless of the depressing intro, it would only be fair to say that the guys over at Mozilla woke up and put a lot of effort into improving their browser so it would be able to put up a fight against Google's popularity gaining browser – Chrome. When put up against its competitor, Internet Explorer, there's no debate that Firefox is a fast and stable browser that offers an impressive gallery of plugins. At the same time, when compared with Chrome, computer experts are still undecided as to which browser is better. Some prefer the elegant Chrome while others put their trust in the open source browser that won't so easily divulge users' personal information to the Internet giant from California.
Firefox blocks pop-up ads even without a designated plugin
Mozilla Firefox's pop-up ad blocker will keep you from having to deal with this too common nuisance, including both pop-ups and those who hide in a new window beneath that of the browser's. In addition, it enables users to directly receive security updates that keep them safe from spyware and other malware constantly trying to hack their computer or to steal their personal information.
Firefox offers an impressive plugin gallery
Whether you're looking for a banner blocker, a plugin that designs your Gmail signature, a plugin for downloading YouTube videos, or a built in RSS reader, Firefox's exhaustive plugin gallery will provide you with several interesting, and mostly free, options.
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